Leeds Wedding Photographer

Hi I’m Mark, a Leeds Wedding Photographer shooting throughout Yorkshire, the UK and beyond.

If you’d like me to tell the story of your wedding, we won’t do cheese and I’ll never ask you to fake it. We’ll capture your wedding day just as it unfolds. Then we’ll add some creative portraits that help you remember how it felt to marry the love of your life, in front of all your friends and family.

Although I am a Leeds Wedding Photographer, I love to travel. I’ve recently shot weddings in London, Cyprus, Malta, the Isle of Man, and at venues right across the North of England.

You know that photographer who takes up the whole time from the end of the ceremony to the start of the meal taking group shots? That’s not me!

I want you to have a great time on your wedding day and I’m going to help you do that in whatever way I can. Whether that’s driving your Nan back down the farm track because she’s not so steady on her feet, or helping with the placement of those button holes. If you’re having a great, fun-filled and stress free day, I can guarantee great images will follow.