I think it’s important to invest time and money in education, systems and support that can help me grow. I also believe in sharing with my fellow photographers. Below are some of the many resources I rely on to run my business which others might also find useful.

My Team

Even though I am the only employee of my business I have learnt the importance of building a team of people that can help me succeed. This allows me to lead and develop my business while focussing on what is most important to me, creating beautiful images and looking after my clients. Here are the members of my team:

Search Engine Optimisation
I used to work in digital marketing and even spent some time at one of the countries leading search marketing agencies. That was where I discovered that SEO was not for me! So although I understanding the basics, I work with Andy and his team at www.kumodigital.co.uk to help keep me visible to potential clients.

Web Design
My website is built on the wordpress platform and there are a wide variety of free and paid for themes available. This site is built using Flothemes

I recommend a talented designer who I use to tweak and adapt my theme: www.colingrist.com

Web Development
As WordPress is such a strong and flexible platform, I don’t need a lot of help with web development and coding but when I do I call Stephen Melrose: www.stephenmelrose.co.uk

Steve recently helped me speed up my site by tweaking my hosting environment.

Print Design
While my website contains loads of content to help potential clients decide if I’m the right photographer for them, I do like to create print products from time to time. This is when I turn to Emma Jones from Inprint and Design: www.emmajonesdesign.co.uk

Mrs Dolby
No list of my team would be complete without mentioning my wife. If I’m the CEO of this business, she chairs the board! She keeps me pointed in the right direction, helps me better understand my clients and when things aren’t going to plan, always helps me find the way through. I’m afraid there is no link here for Mrs D, she’s all mine! I hope you also have friends, family and mentors you can rely on.

Workshops and Courses

One of the reasons that I’m writing this page is because I’ve been inspired by attending a recent workshop by Nine Dots. Andy, Rahul, Adam and Mick blew my mind and I’m really looking forward to continuing involvement in the Nine Dots community.

Another workshop that left me inspired and filled with fresh ideas was by Jon Dennis at www.s6photography.co.uk Highly recommended! Below are some of my favourite images from the workshop.

Workflow is such an important part of a photography business and I worship at the church of Jared Platt after watching his Ultimate Lightroom Workflow class on CreativeLive


I’m constantly on the look out for inspiration and here are a few people that dish it out in spades:


Software and Apps

  • WordPress – blogging and content management
  • CuteRank – Find out where you rank for target keywords
  • ReplayApp – Great for creating short videos on your iphone for posting on social media
  • VSCO Cam – My iPhone photo editor of choice
  • Aftership – track packages from multiple couriers