More Blog, Less Instagram

As our company has grown I’ve found myself moving further from the shutter button. I haven’t taken a photograph professionally for quite some time! This isn’t a problem, in fact it is very much by design. Along with my business partner Jimi my role at Story has evolved to mean I spend a little less time with my eye to the viewfinder and a little more with the director’s monitor in hand or sat with one of our editors collaborating on the cut of one of our projects.

Nevertheless, I still love photography and I will continue to make images both personally and professionally. With less time spent on client work though, I’m eager to keep my skills up with some personal projects, and chief among these will be continuing to photograph my family.

I’ve found less and less value in social media in recent years but I still want to share a selection of my images from time to time. So I’m returning here to my personal website and hope to share plenty of work on my blog in 2024. Here are some favourites from a recent day spent with my daughters.

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