Newton Hall Wedding Photography – Chloe & Adam

Northumberland has some of the countries most stunning landscape and so I was really excited to receive a Newton Hall Wedding Photography enquiry. Chloe & Adam’s day didn’t disappoint, with beautiful people, in beautiful surroundings, enjoying a fantastic day.

I’ve asked Chloe and Adam to share more details about them and their wedding day below, accompanied by some of my favourite images.

How they met

We met in Lola los in Cambridge, I was a fresher and Adam a 3rd year student and it was during freshers week. I had just walked in and Adam came over and whispered in her ear ‘You have an incredible smile’ . He says that he felt like he just had to talk to me. I was pretty much sold from that point.

The proposal was just as romantic, we did a sunrise trek up Mount Batur in Bali and I could tell there was something going on. I also knew there was something different because Adam planned all this and that is out of the ordinary ha. The walk up was difficult but worth it and Adam got down on one knee as the sun was rising right at the top of the mountain, perfect holiday!

Planning the Wedding

We found planning the wedding very easy, we agreed on pretty much everything. The venue was perfect and did not need much decorating. Nevertheless, we were very adamant we wanted to do everything ourselves.

We had a lot of fun doing all the arts and crafts! I think we are both glad it’s all done now though and we can just spend quality time together. The most difficult thing was finding Adams suit. He is very indecisive bless him!

Favourite Moments?

I think our favourite moment was going down the beach. It was just a special moment just me and Adam and definitely what we needed to reflect on everything. Another very memorable moment was saying our own vows. We were so happy with how they turned out after not showing them to each other.

Wedding Tips

Take that special moment on your day for just you two.
Don’t spend money on all little extras, you won’t notice them on the day
Make sure you have a part of you as a couple in your day.

The Photography

Everything to do with the photography was so smooth. We loved every minute from the engagement shoot to the day. We are so happy with the results, they all just seem so natural. Both our families are also absolutely in love with them.

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