Roundhay Park Wedding Photography – Sameera and Afiq

I’m always happy when I get the call about Roundhay Park Wedding Photography. The Mansion in the park is a fantastic venue and the surrounding parkland makes for a beautiful backdrop. One of the biggest challenges is creating images which aren’t littered with all the other people at the park.

Sameera and Afiq could of picked many locations for their wedding. The couple were joined by guests from Edinburgh, where Sameera studied. Afiq brought a handful of friends and family over from Australia, the place that the happy couple will be calling home after their honeymoon. In recent years the pair have notched up some serious airmiles on their journey’s between hemispheres. I know they are both excited to be settling down on the same continent at last.

Roundhay Park Wedding Photography

I got a bit of a taste of what it must be like trying to arrange a wedding across continents as we fumbled our way through various Skype and phone calls in the run up to the wedding. However, all the hard work paid off and the day provided a fantastic celebration across two ceremonies and a wonderful meal.

The day brought together elements from Sameera and Afiq’s Muslim faith and Afiq’s ancestral home of Malaysia. Quirkiest of these, for me, was the handing out of boiled eggs at the end of the celebrations as a sign of good luck and fertility!

Here are some of my favourite images from Sameera and Afiq’s Roundhay Park Wedding Photography.

Your Roundhay Park Wedding Photography

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