Isle of Man Wedding Photography – Kim & Teddy

The Isle of Man is a great place to get married. I should know, it’s where my wife Rache is from and is where we returned for our own nuptials back in August 2013. We were really pleased with our Isle of Man Wedding Photography and had an amazing day but despite a few of Rache’s friends getting married on the isle since then, it was only in the summer of 2016 that I got the chance to experience another IOM wedding, this time as a photographer.

One of Rache’s oldest friends Kim, got married to the frustratingly good looking Teddy, down on the south of the island. Kim used to take great pleasure in interrogating me about my intentions towards Rache whenever we were on our own and I took great pleasure in returning the favour when she met Teddy. They make a fantastic couple and it was a real privilege to have a front row seat and watch two great friends of ours finally tie the knot.

Since then I have booked a number of weddings across the island and am looking forward to many more in the future! Get in touch to discuss your Isle of Man Wedding Photography.

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King Williams College provided a fantastic venue for Kim and Teddy’s Isle of Man Wedding. The surrounding area was also a beautiful backdrop for their Isle of Man Wedding Photography. If you are planning a Manx wedding and are looking for an Isle of Man Wedding Photographer please don’t hesitate to get in touch to check availability.